A descent into an operating mine

afisha mine


Tourists descend to a depth of 1350 m, where they can ride a wagon, examine crosscuts, drifts, access crosscuts, a winze, a point of iron ore shipment, a mining technique, a station on a rolling stock repairing, an ore overload point, a working machinery, an underground laboratory on iron ore content and all these are followed by an incredible atmosphere as though you are in the center of the earth.

Program of excursion:

  1. Entrance to the mine. Personnel safety notification.
  2. Visiting a first-aid post of the mine.
  3. Dressing before descending into the mine.
  4. Transition on an elevated gallery to a mine shaft. Introductory excursion.
  5. Descent into the mine in the cage.
  6. Excursion in the underground mine with exploration of a crosscut, a southern drift, access crosscuts, winzes, a point of iron ore shipment , a mining technique, a station on repair of a rolling stock, an ore overload point, a working machinery and others. Transfers in a passenger electric train. Going on foot.
  7. Rising from the mine to the surface
  8. Dressing, visiting the miners' bath.
  9. Output from the mine.
  10. Lunch in the miners’ canteen