Along the streets of the old city

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The excursion "Along the streets of the old city" is the historical tour through the central part of Kryvyi Rih. The goal of the tour is introduction and seeing the old historical monuments, constructions built in different architectural styles (from brick, Kryvyi Rih stone one to Stalinist neo-classicism), streets with the paving stone cover, squares and parks, monuments, Orthodox church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Painter's house and others.

The story about the old city area is discovered through the names and photos of the old streets and buildings that have almost disappeared from the Kryvyi Rih map, photographs of the famous people, modern and old preserved buildings. The common thread through the entire route is the story of the city events starting from 1761, when the first St. Nicholas Church was built, all historical events which have been changing the face of the old city to the present. The tour shows the visitors the city origin history, the name content of the toponym "Kryvyi Rih," the population life style in different historical periods.

The tour also does not put behind the present of Kryvyi Rih historic center. In this regard, the attention is attracted to the new monuments and memorials, new buildings, the dynamically lit fountain, the art playground and chess club. During the tour the tourists will be able to drink delicious tea or coffee in cafes of the old city. The route also allows you to have a look at the city center zest - the Park named after Pravda Newspaper, that is the main citizens' recreation and leisure place of the industrial heart of our country.

It is an on foot tour. Duration - 3-3,5 hours. The route works throughout the year.

All this you can not only see with your own eyes, but feel the spirit of the time, examine all historical areas of the Kryvyi Rih industrial city by your own feet!


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