Burshchytskyi Dump

Burschytskyi Dump is one of three observation points of the city of Kryvyi Rih. Burschytskyi Dump is a giant embankment, at the foot of which the central and southern part of the city are spread. This facility is an industrial heritage object made by Novokryvorizkyi former mining and processing enterprise.


Dump is hanging over the Ingulets river. To get to it you have to make a 3 kilometers long walk and come up to a mountain.

From its highest point if turning round in one place you can see: a chain of mines going far away to the north Kryvyi Rih region; old part of the city; pipes and shops of PJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih", quarry number 2 bis of the same company; a quarry and dumps of the Southern Mining and Processing Complex far away; a lot of young and old dumps; working equipment; channel of the Ingulets river, lodged between dumps and quarries; a tall prerevolutionary (made in 1884) Belelyubskyi Bridge of the Catherine Railway; numerous objects of industrial heritage of Hdantsivka mine; processing plants of the Southern Mining and Processing Complex "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih".


The panorama and scale of the area are really stunning! The history of the city and its present realities appear before eyes of tourists in all its beauty and uniqueness! Just look and enjoy!

The bottom of Burschytskyi Dump is of no less interest. Here you can see the ruins of industrial aboveground buildings of the Mines number 5 and New-South Valyavka of the former Illich Mine; open and gaping shafts of these mines are coming to a depth of 60 and 380 meters; you can hear the sound of falling stones into the bottomless depths of the dungeon.


Particularly fascinating is the view of the city from the Burschytskyi Dump height at night when Kryvyi Rih is transformed into a constellation of lights beckoning and attracting the curious eyes of the observer.