Grand Canyon of Kryvyi Rih

Grand Canyon of Kryvyi Rih is a unique technogenic mineral formation.

This name is mostly associated with the American wonder of the world, but surprisingly there is a like-kind place in our native town too. It is situated near villages Rudnychne and Rakhmanivka (southern part of Tsentralno-Miskyi district), development of rich iron ore deposits was started here in 1895.


Note: Grand Canyon was formed as a result of overburden dumping by South Mining and Processing Complex and reaches 150m high on both sides of the Ingulets river bed. Instead of the plain, the valley of the river has been artificially transformed into a true mountain canyon. This formation has no analogues anywhere on the Earth. The Canyon is 2.2 km long, 150 m deep, 200 m wide at the bottom.


A beautiful view of contemporary dumps of South Mining and Processing Complex, where powerful dump cars with tons of rock mass are moving rhythmically, opens on one side. And on the other one you can see dumps of the pre-revolutionary Rahmanivski mines, densely covered with shrub and steppe vegetation, and a serpentine narrow river the Inhulets in the valley, as if separating the past and the present.


Note: Dump car is a freight wagon for transportation and automated unloading of overburden, coal and ore burdens, soil, sand, crushed stone and other similar burdens.

An incredible combination of man-made and natural landscapes, heady aroma of wild flowers and the echo of antiquity impress tourists most of all.

Here and there, tourists came across boulders of ferruginous quartzite rocks and took them as a souvenir. The most impressive was the wall of the 100 –years-old waste quarry, a place of the biggest fern population in Kryvyi Ri region due to the cool and humid climate.


Coming down the dumps is not easy and quite extreme and even resemble a camping trip in the mountains to some tourists. Thus, the tourists should be ready for the conditions and be wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

Another wonderful sight is planned for the visit – a flooded quarry with pure transparent water and a small tunnel, which laid in the wall of the quarry.

We invite everyone to discover the unknown facets of Kryvyi Rih, to touch its history and spend a good time at the weekends!

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