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The Kochubeyivskyj open pit mine is an object of industrial heritage. This worked out iron ore open pit was developed in 1904 and belonged to the family of local landowners, the Kochubeys. Iron ore was extracted from one narrow seam, but the deposit thickness was about 1.5-3.0 m. The open pit was a basis of the small mine and functioned with difficulties and not for a long period of time. During 1904-1906 39 thousand tons, and during 1913-1914 – 11.5 thousand tons of iron ore were extracted. The mine has not been working since 1915. The open pit is 185 m long and 35 m deep. It has a narrow slot-like shape with steep, sometimes rocky and abrupt slopes. There is an old waste dump near the open pit as well as high open underground drifts and five tunnels at the bottom and a hollow at the site of the old mine.The waste dump of the Kochubeyivskyj open pit


The waste dump of the Kochubeyivskyj open pit mine is an object of industrial heritage. It was established at the same time as the open pit in 1904. Opening rocks made of loam and clay were erected into the waste dump. The waste dump is a rough mound 8 m high with gentle slopes 160 m long. Over the years the waste dump surface become overgrown with steppe vegetation of feather grass, fescue and motley grass. The waste dump is a typical example of natural resources restoration in terms of anthropogenic landscape.


Kochubeyivski tunnels


The Kochubeyivski tunnels are objects of industrial heritage. There are 5 tunnels. One can get into the tunnels from the bottom of the open pit. The objects are of a straightline and branched structure on the plan. The total length of the underground tunnels is 250 m. The tunnels are located across the length of the open pit. They were established at the time the mine was working to explore parallel deposits of iron ore. The tunnels entrances are narrow and squat. Ceilings are up to 1.5 m high. One can see old nails for suspending a miner's lantern in the ceiling. The tunnels walls are an open geological structure of Kryvyi Rih folded structure of limonite slates.


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Underground drifts of two horizons of the southern side of pre-revolution Kochubeyivskyj Open Pit

The underground drifts are 2-storeyed horizontal caves. There is a precipice at the entrance, the drifts are united into a chamber up to 12 m high. Darkness of the underground caves ends with the dead-ends in both horizontal drifts. One can notice horizontal terrace faces. It is an example of iron ore mining in old times.


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