Tour program

Day 1

1. Gathering at the monument to Kozak Rih (9.00)

2. Visiting Burshchytskyi Dump

Burshchytskyi Dump is one of three observation points of the city of Kryvyi Rih. Burshchytskyi Dump is a giant embankment, at the foot of which the central and southern parts of the city are spread. This facility is an industrial heritage object made by Novokryvorizkyi former mining and processing enterprise. The panorama and scale of the area are really stunning! The history of the city and its present realities appear before eyes of tourists in all its beauty and uniqueness! Just look and enjoy!


3. Excursion to the Museum of PJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih"

"ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rig" is a leader of mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine. In the museum of the enterprise one can learn the old and the present times of the enterprise which is surely a symbol of our city. The museum offers the introductory excursions, intensive expositions, museum exhibitions, viewing of video records and photograph collection, access to the historical sources, archives and museum collections. In 2014, in honor of the 80th anniversary of the enterprise the museum was reconstructed.


4. Lunch

5. Visiting the 3D-video gallery of the city historical museum

3D video gallery is located in the pavilion under the largest in Europe floral clock. The circumference of the pavilion comprises the exhibition stands under the glass with photos, artifacts and information about each district of the city. There is also a set of photos of old Kryvyi Rih on a separate stand and an attractive photo gallery of the best prospective projects of the city development. The video galleries shows 2D and 3D format movies of Kryvyi Rih, its history and modern development. There are photos of the most prominent sites of the city on the walls under artificial lights.

3d videogal

6. Visiting the entrance portal of the Saksahanskyi derivational tunnel

Saksahanskyi underground derivational tunnel is a unique hydraulic engineering structure which is an underground river, buried to a depth of 31 to 63 meters. There are no such structures in Ukraine. The tunnel passes under the residential district of the city.

The tunnel was created to divert the waters of the Saksahan river from the large iron ore reserves of the former Kirov mine. The length of the tunnel is 5322 m, its diameter is 3.5 m. The tunnel was commissioned in 1957 and is designed to operate during the next 150 years. The tunnel has input and output portals on the surface which are made of the towers with lock-gates installed.


7. Visiting the training center of PJSC "Kryvbaszalizorudkom"

On April 1, 2001 a Training center of PJSC “Kryvyi Rih Iron Ore Complex” was created by the PJSC "Kryvbaszalizorudkom" . There is a unique training ground (a model of mine workings) with operating machinery at the training center, which provides training of practical skills. Every visitor also has the opportunity to experience a profession of miner while practicing with training machinery.

8. "Pravda" Newspaper Park

The most favorite recreational park for the city residents, which harmoniously combines the unique vegetation, old colonnades, beautiful bridges, archaeological artifacts. A boating station, which is located at the confluence of two rivers Saksahan and Inhulets, is a landmark of the park and city in general. Boating station is a must-see place for newlyweds during wedding parties. The bridge over the old bed of the Saksahan river is called "Bridge of lovers."


9. Dinner and overnight

Day 2

1. Gathering near the place of the group's residence

2. Sinkholes of the Ordzhonikidze Mine of the PJSC “Central Mining and Concentration Complex”

Sinkholes of the Ordzhonikidze Mine formed in June 13, 2010 due to artificial mine abandoning of the underground workings. New sinkholes of 80 m depth, fractured zone of cracks and block shifts appeared. It is a bright example of technogenesis in Kryvyi Rih region.


3. Ivan Mykolaiovych Kharin's estate

The landowner economy appeared in the 1880s. It was established by the colonel of the Russian army, the participant of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. In the territory of the estate there were stables with an arena for breeding of thoroughbred horses, a water mill, a brick factory, a park, a workshop. In the economy there was an apery of the chimpanzee. The economy was robbed at the time of the Civil War (1917-1920).

Till now the only the following facilities of the economy have remained: the park, stables, the house of the bailiff, several residential houses of the village, two bridges over the Saksahan river, the building of the water mill, small outbuildings, fence fragments.

sadiba harina

4. Outdoor museum-skansen of the mining equipment

Museum was opened on August 31, 2009. The establishment of the museum was initiated by the leaders of PJSC “Northern Mining and Concentration Complex”. The museum consists of two parts. The first section along the wall of the Complex's Recreation Center consists of the exhibition stands with information and photos of the basic structural units of the Complex. The second section comprises various machinery being used in the open pits of the enterprise as well as in the mines and concentration. There are information signs in front of each exhibit, thus everyone can make an excursion round the museum on his/her own. Admission to the museum is free.


5. Lunch

6. Kryvyi Rih Botanical Garden of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Established on May 25, 1981 as Kryvyi Rih department of Donetsk Botanical Garden. Since 1992 Kryvyi Rih Botanical Garden has received full independence as a part of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The Botanical Garden occupies an area of 52.4 hectares. There are the following divisions: optimization of man-made landscapes; introduction and acclimatization of plants; natural flora; plant physiology and biology of soils. An arboretum, a garden of the continuous blossoming, a rosary, a garden of the lilac and the garden jasmine, a greenhouse are functioning in the garden.

bot sad

7. Viewing panorama of the enrichment factories and a tailing dump of PJSC “Northern Mining and Concentration Complex”

This panorama is a really unreal spectacle of technogenic (man-made) landscapes, similar to lunar landscapes.

sevgok hvostohran

8. Pershotravnevyi Mine

The development of iron ore in the former mine started in 1898 by Russian-Belgian joint stock company. In 1918 the mine was called May 1. A distinguishing feature of the mine is extraction not only of rich iron ores but uranium one. In the fields of the Obiednana Mine the Pershotravneve uranium deposits were located. Uranium ores had been mined until 1966. By 1980 the rich iron ore reserves had also been exhausted and the mine started production of poor ferruginous quartzites. In 1979, there was built a modern Pershotravneva-1 Mine with a shaft of 101 m height, as well as Pershotravneva-2 Mine was constructed in 1985. The greatest depth reached in Pershotravneva-1 Mine is -1050 m.

pershotr rudnik

9. Going along the streets of the old city of Terny in Ivan Sirko Street.

The square was an administrative center of the old city of Terny. By 1975, it had been named after Lenin. Then it was renamed after the Soviet aircraft Petliakov Vasyl Mykhailovych (1891-1942), who had developed severe aircraft bombers TB-1 and TB-2 used during the World War II. There are Pershotravnevyi Mine Administration buildings located opposite one another (from the right) and the Pershotravnevyi Recreation Center.

terni lavochka

Note: All transfers to the objects are accompanied by an excursion of a highly qualified tour guide.

Overall duration of the tour is 2 days