Welcome to enjoy an unforgettable sightseeing tour throughout the city of Kryvyi Rih!

This is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the great industrial land, feel unforgettable spirit of Kryvyi Rih, enhance your knowledge and discover all beauties of our city.

The tour includes visiting:
- Karl Marx Avenue;
- Park named after Pravda Newspaper;
- Geological skansen;
- Entrance portal of the Saksaganskyi derivational tunnel;
- to the fallen miners;
- Ordzhonikidze mine's collapses;
- Monument to Cossack Rih;
- 3D-video gallery of the city local history museum.

All transfers to the objects are accompanied by an excursion of a highly qualified tour guide.
Duration of the tour is 5 hours.
To join the excursion fill in an application on our website or call 92-29-69.

Program of the "Many-sided Kryvyi Rih"Tour

1. Gathering at the Vyzvolennya square near a tank at 8.50

2. Karl Marx Avenue

Karl Marx Avenue has always been the main street of Kryvyi Rih settlement, and then the city of Kryvyi Rih. The original name of the street is Poshtova (Postal). It is the most ancient street of the city. In the 50's of the XIX century the construction of the first in Kryvyi Rih two-storeyed stone houses was launched. The street's development was closely connected with the beginning of the industrial production of ore. In 1913, 113 commercial establishments were located here as well as a movie theater "Colosseum", square and monument to Alexander II. The street was transformed into a cultural and commercial center of the city.

During the Civil War the street was renamed as People's Freedom Street. In the early 1920s the old name of the street was returned. From 1920 the street has been as named as Karl Marx. The street comprised Lenina Cinema, Construction Bank, the newspaper "Red miner", sports clubs, shops. The street was destroyed during the occupation and fighting in February 1944. It was rebuilt in 1950. There are many interesting historical and cultural sites of the city in the street.

karla marla

3. "Pravda" Newspaper Park

Recreation Park of the area of 36 hectares. There is one of the city symbols – boating station. It was designed in the style of Stalin's Empire in the mid-twentieth century. Its location at the confluence of two rivers adds special beauty and it is perfectly visible from all sides. Boating station is a must-see place for newlyweds during wedding parties. The bridge over the old bed of the Saksagan river is called "Bridge of lovers."


4. Geological Skansen

Outdoor geological park. There are fragments of Kryvyi Rih rocks extracted by the local iron ore enterprises of 5 mining and concentration works of the city. Heopark looks like a sun with rays, each ray presents wealth of mineral resources of some enterprises. Here is an opportunity to learn the geological history of our region.

geolog skansen

 5. St. George Bell Tower

Its construction was started in May 2008, completed in October 2009. The height of the bell tower is 51 meters; it is one of the tallest buildings in the city. The bell tower has five floors. There are 9 bells of 3.5 tons weigh at a level of 35 meters. There is a viewing platform at a level of 37 meters. The Painting inside the bell tower is military and historical.

georg zvon

 6. An entrance portal of Saksagan derivational tunnel

There are many objects of industrial tourism, one of which is the Saksagan derivational underground tunnel. Saksagan underground derivational tunnel is a unique hydro technical construction, it is an underground river flowing at a depth of 31-63 m. There are no analogue constructions in Ukraine. The tunnel is located under the residential zone of the city. Creation of the tunnel was caused by a need to pass the river waters from huge deposits of iron ore of the former Kirov Mine. Now the Saksagan river falls into the Ingulets river on 1,5 kilometres below from a natural mouth.The tunnel was put in operation in 1957. Length of the tunnel is 5322 m, its diameter is 3,5m. Constructed tunnel is designed for exploitation for next 150 years.There are entry and outlet portals on the ground surface. The portals consist of towers equipped with lock construction to control water passage and outlet. By the way of the tunnel in South Chervona Gully there is an underground waterfall at depth of 24 m and diameter of 8,04 m; there are no analogues of such waterfall in Ukraine. All above ground objects of Saksagan tunnel are available for tourist visiting.

vhidnii portal

 7. Monument to fallen miners

The monument was constructed in honor of the miners who died during the first blasting activities on May 1, 1934. The monument was constructed in 1935, renovated in 1979.

Next to the monument ther has been recently installed an Honors Board to the prominent workers of the mine "Evraz Sukha Balka".

pamiatnik zagiblim shahtariam

 8. Collapses of the Ordzhonikidze Mine

Collapsed mining landscapes of Kryvyi Rih are a unique phenomenon appeared due to the collapse of the upper floors of underground mines. The total area of Kryvyi Rih collapses is 3.4 hectares. The gullies near the Ordzhonikidze mine were formed in June 2010. The gully has an area of 16 hectares and a depth of 80 meters. In Europe there are no analogues of the Kryvyi Rih mining collapses due to their diversity. That's why they are of a particular importance for industrial tourism.


 9. Visiting a 3D-video gallery of the city historical museum (entrance fee is 10 UAH)

3D video gallery is located in the pavilion under the largest in Europe floral clock. The circumference of the pavilion comprises the exhibition stands under the glass with photos, artifacts and information about each district of the city. There is also a set of photos of old Kryvyi Rih on a separate stand and an attractive photo gallery of the best prospective projects of the city development. The video galleries shows 2D and 3D format movies of Kryvyi Rih, its history and modern development. There are photos of the most prominent sites of the city on the walls under artificial lights.

3D videogal

 10. Monument to Cossack Kryvyi Rih

It was constructed in 2011. It is one of the most popular newly created city sites and attractions. Monument is dedicated to the Zaporizhya Cossack Rih; he was a real person, he is said to be elected as an ataman of Zaporizhzhya in the 60-70 years of the seventeenth century. In his old age the brave Cossack Rsh built a house for himself at the place where the Ingulets river merges with the Saksagan river. As he had lost his right eye at fighting, the people nicknamed him "Crooked." The years had passed and more and more houses appeared around his settlement. Subsequently, there was a settlement called Kryvyi Rih. The sculptural composition represents the moment when Cossack Rig got off the horse in the steppe hills near the Saksagan riveriver at the point where it flows into Ingulets river. The monument was made of bronze and mounted on a pedestal of Kryvyi Rih natural stone slabs. The height of the monument together with the pedestal is 5.3 m.

pamiatnik rogy