South African Cullinan Mine was named after its founder-engineer. The Mine became famous after 1905 when the world's largest diamond weighing 3106 carats was found there. Then two gorgeous diamonds "Star of Africa" and "Cullinan-2" were made of it. These diamonds decorate the crown and the scepter of the British Queen. This is one of the oldest operational diamond mines in the South Africa, which is located 20 km from the capital, Pretoria. Recently, the legendary mine has been made available for tourists.

Tourists visit a museum where they can see replicas of all famous diamonds found in the South Africa in a full size, followed by tour throughout the ground part of the mine, where an experienced guide will acquaint tourists with the characteristics and process of diamond mining in the South Africa and particularly on this mine. Guests are talked about mining diamonds, are shown the mining town of early XX century, are offered to buy shiny stones. At the same time you can visit the nearby nature park. After Cullinan Mine the tourists take part at an interesting tour throughout the capital of the South Africa - Pretoria.