Winery caves

It is the largest enterprise in the Eastern Europe producing champagne by using a traditional bottle method for more than half a century. The production cycle is underground, in the caves at a depth of over 72 meters, these conditions are ideal for the production of sparkling wines by the original French technology. Total area of caves stretches for 26 hectares. More than 30 million bottles of champagne are stored simultaneously at least for three years. A special "race of yeast" is used for production of Artemivske champagne. This specific know-how was developed by microbiologists of the enterprise. Artemivskyi champagne factory produces white, red and pink sparkling wine, which are classified into into old and collectable according to the conditioning period.

Duration of excursion is about 2 or 2.5 hours. Only persons aged 18+ are permitted to take part at the excursion. During the tour one can see the alabaster galleries, learn history and the production of champagne, taste 5-7 types of champagne produced at the factory.