Northern lights of Kryvyi Rih

We invite you to visit the northern part of our city!

Museum of Northern Mining and Processing Complex.

After several years of reconstruction the museum was opened on December 6, 2013 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Northern Mining and Processing Complex. The museum occupies 2 floors. Its total area is 1290.65 m2.

Funds of the museum comprise 6907 pieces. The museum is now considered as the best industrial museum of the city.

The exposition of the new museum demonstrates various types of machinery and equipment as well as historical documents of the Northern Mining and Processing Complex. In a room representing a seven-year history of the Complex as a part of Metinvest Group it was established a unique model of indurating machine LURGI 552 and multimedia layout of the production area of the company. Due to the multimedia layout the visitors can get detailed information about the activities of the Complex and the work of the main production departments.


Viewing the panorama of the enrichment factories and tailings of the Northern Mining and Processing Complex. This panorama is a really amazing spectacle of man-made landscapes, similar to lunar landscapes.


Outdoor skansen of the mining equipment. It is the only industrial museum of its kind in Ukraine. It was opened on August 31, 2009. The establishment of the museum was initiated by PJSC Northern Mining and Processing Complex. The museum consists of two parts. The first section along the wall of the Complex's Recreation Center consists of the exhibitions stands with information and photos of the basic structural units of the Complex. The second section comprises various machinery being used in the open pits of the enterprise as well as in the mines and concentration. At due time about 30 million m3 of rock material and metal pellets were transported and processed. Here you can see: an excavator grab, a mine locomotive, bulldozer taken from the open pit, heavy trucks "BelAZ", a crusher from the crushing factory, a separator of the ore enrichment factory and many other equipment representing the strength and power of mining companies of Kryvyi Rih.

There are information signs in front of each exhibit, thus everyone can make an excursion round the museum on his/her own. Admission to the museum is free but there is a security of the complex to keep order.


Pershotravnevyi Mine. It was the basis of the whole region, and after 1945, of the former city of Terny. The development of iron ore in the former mine started in 1898 by Russian-Belgian joint stock company. In 1918 the mine was called May 1. After the times of the Civil War the mine resume operation in 1929. By the early 1950th there had been a lot of small mines (№ 4, № 8, "D"). In the years 1952-1956 a general reconstruction of the mine was held. The Obednana Mine was commissioned.

A distinguishing feature of the mine is extraction not only of rich iron ore but uranium one. In the fields of the Obednana Mine the Pershotravneve uranium deposits was located. Uranium ores had been mined until 1966. By 1980 the rich iron ore reserves had also been exhausted and the mine started production of poor ferruginous quartzites. In 1979, there was built a modern Pershotravneva-1 Mine with a shaft of 101 m height as well as Pershotravneva-2 Mine was constructed in 1985. In 1989, the mine was liquidated. The greatest depth reached in Pershotravneva-1 Mine is -1050 m.


Going along the streets of the old city of Terny.
The square was an administrative center of the old city of Terny. By 1975, it was named after Lenin. Then it was renamed after the Soviet aircraft Petlyakov Vasily Mikhailovich (1891-1942), who had developed severe aircraft bombers TB-1 and TB-2 used during the World War II.

There are Pershotravnevyi Mine Administration buildings located opposite one another (from the right) and the Pershotravnevyi Recreation Center. The Recreation Center was opened in 1955. The roof was decorated with a variety of sculptures. It was the most beautiful Recreation Center among all ones in the city. Currently, the sculptures have been removed because of an accident condition. The Recreation Center came from workers' club "Miner". The Recreation Center is connected to the Petlyakova Square by means of the Public Garden.


Sinkholes of the Ordzhonikidze Mine of the Central Mining and Concentration Complex

Sinkholes of the Ordzhonikidze Mine formed on June 13, 2010. Their depth has reached 80 m. It is a very remarkable example of techno genesis in Kryvyi Rih region.