Old Hdantsivkyi Mine

You will have an opportunity to see sites o the old mine – a water-pump house o Hdantsivkyi Ironworks, locations o underground railway haulage and rock-lifting ramp o the mine, Belelyubskyi railway bridge over the river Inhulets (since 1884), the valley o the river Inhulets, location o the old Levin mine. Walking down the Bratislavska Street, a street o Hdantsivkyi mine workers settlement, you will familiarize with examples o houses built in Kryvyi Rih stone architectural style.


A high right bank o the river Inhulets opens a spectacular view over the valley o the river, Burshchytskyi and Northern dumps o the former Novokryvorizkyi Mining and Processing Works, place o the old Chumachenko mine, locations o underground railway haulage, the remains o barracks and cellar-fridge o the mine.


Sites o the Kateryninska railway industrial heritage dating 1884 are waiting for you– a mound, a downpipe made o local ferruginous quartzite (the only o its kind in the Kryvyi Rih region), the route laid through its dungeons leads you to a new place o man-made landscapes.

Along the route you will examine Small and Large quarries o Hdantsivskyi mine and its old dumps, modern and old ore dumps o JSC ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih. You are going to visit shores o the Soviet quarry with the salt lake, which is popularly called Alpine Lake. A pedestrian crossing to the Liteina Street brings tourists to the remains o the old mine shaft number 3 ("Paul", "Soviet") and houses o the miners settlement o the Soviet mine (early 1930s).


Meeting place – monument to Kozak Rih.
Duration o the excursion – 4 h
Route length – 3 km

Clothes – sportswear (sports shoes, T-shirt, bucket hat)
Additional requirements –drinking water.
Complexity – easy tour with extreme elements.
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