Secrets of Kochubeivski Tunnels

We invite you to make an interesting and unforgettable tour to a little-known remote place where a site of the pre-revolutionary Kryvyi Rih industry Kochubeivskyi mine is preserved in mint condition.

It is located north of the city, near the village Hannivka, and includes a network of tunnels, high underground chamber mine workings, a dump and a mine.


The mine was named after well-known landowners of that time the Kochubeys and worked with intervals from 1904 till 1914 (for a total of 5 years). During this period about 50 thousand tons of iron ore was excavated, which is a tiny number comparing to current multimillion data of North and South Mining and Concentration Works. But, taking into account hard working conditions and complete lack of technology at that time, this was a real locomotive of "Iron fever" in the northern part of Kryvyi Rih



Tourists are able to witness all parts of the mine that is still in perfect condition, and even bad weather conditions (rain for example) do not prevent from experiencing moments of extreme and delight.


Our constant guide Vladimir Kazakov, as always, with a sense of humor and a genuine love for Kryvyi Rih will tell stories that dip tourists in an atmosphere of old times, when the heart of the mining industry started beating for the first time within the northern part of the city.


At first tourists visit the ore quarry, which is a huge chasm 35 meters depth and at length reaches 185 meters; here and there it has steep, rocky and precipitous slopes. There is also an old dump, densely covered with steppe vegetation nearby, and high underground workings and five tunnels on the bottom.


Let us focus on the tunnels. These unique man-made caves where iron ore was mined using picks, scraps and dynamite. Walk them is not an easy thing, but surprisingly interesting. You will have to bend, and crawl sometimes because the tunnel height is up to 1.5 meters. Do not forget that all this is in complete darkness, the only light is your flashlight. Tunnels have certain characteristics: a very humid and cool climate, which made someone even freeze, a large number of bats hiding high in the ceiling, skeletons of wild animals here and there.


Tourists as usual are more than impressed by such sights, some of them have an opportunity to overcome a fear of dungeons; some feel true love for life, walking out of the darkness and enjoying sunlight or even small rain.


But the best way to discover Kochubeivskyi mine is visiting it and seeing with your own eyes.

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