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North Mining and Concentration Complex is the largest mining enterprises in Europe (as of the beginning of XXI century). It provides a full cycle of blast raw materials preparation - iron ore concentrate (Fe content of 68.4%) and pellets (Fe content of 60.5% and 63.5%).

Construction of the enterprise started in 1960 on the basis of Pershotravnevyi, later – Hannivskyi ferruginous quartzite deposits of Kryvyi Rih iron ore basin. The first concentration factory was commissioned in 1963, the second in 1978. The enterprise's products: iron ore concentrate, fluxed pellets. In 1996, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint stock company (85% of shares are state owned). In 2006, the North Mining and Concentration Complex became a part of the Metinvest Group, responsible for strategic management of mining and metallurgical businesses of SCM. The management company of Metinvest is LLC "Metinvest Holding".

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The main concentration method is a magnetic one in a weak field. Process scheme includes 4 pre-crushing stages, 3 grinding stages and 5 magnetic separation stages. At each stage the wastes are brought and midproduct are processed further. As a result of total concentration cycle, the ore with the Fe content of 31,23-33,6% gives concentrate with Fe content of 65,04-65,15%, humidity of 10%. An average annual output of the enterprise is 7 million tons of concentrate and 5.6 million tons of pellets. The pellets are with Fe content of 60,5-60,68%.

The very promising project is growth of the enterprise's raw material base due to processing of concentration wastes from tailings pond, the use of dry magnetic separation as a method of preconcentration of raw materials going along with the reorganization and re-equipment of concentration production, opportunity of using the flotation method of raw materials concentartion.

Currently, the production capacity of the enterprise allow to produce 36 million tons of ore, to produce 14.65 million tons of concentrate and 12.15 million tons of pellets. The raw material base of the enterprise are large deposits of ferruginous quartzite of Pershotravnevyi and Hannivskyi deposits which are estimated at 700 million tons and 500 million tons respectively at designed boundaries.

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  The structure of the North Mining and Concentration Complex includes

 Mining Complex

Pershotravnevyi open pit is one of the largest quarries in Ukraine. Its design depth is 650 meters Actual dimensions of the open pit are: width of 2500 m, length of 3100 m. Its depth reached 460 m (developed horizon of 340 meters).

Hannivskyy open pit. Designed output of the open pit is 10.0 million tons of raw ore per year. The designed depth is 450 meters; now the open pit has reached a depth of 275 m, width of 1200 m, length of 5250 m.

Processing Complex

CF-1. Crushing factory #1 provides ore crushing, fed from CF-2 and CF-3. The process involves four stages of crushing.
CF-2. The ore of the Hannivskyi open pit is undergone the first crushing stage, then it is transported to CF-1. The overburden is also crushed there for producing gravel.
CF-3. Using the cyclic-flow technology the ore is fed from the mark of -115m.

Pershotravnevyi open pit to the mark of +68 meters. Due to its implementation in the first quarter of 2007 the distance of heavy vehicles haulage was shortened, the number of transfer sites was reduced. This made it possible to extend the front of mining operations; increase ore output and reduce energy consumption.

Concentration Plant #1 (CP-1). Crushed ore is subjected to three stages of breakage and concentration at magnetic separators.
Concentration Plant #2 (CP-2). Concentrate produced at CP-2 is then deslimed and filtered.
Pellet production shops #1 and #2 (PPS-1, 2) are the manufacturing complex for the production of pellets, which includes car-dumper department, bentonite and limestone warehouses and department of additives crushing and grinding (limestone and bentonite), concentrate bin, pelletizing shop, ore roasting shop, screening shop, loading bins, finished pellets warehouse, exhaust fan department, gas purification station.

3 pelletizing plants of actual capacity of 10 million tons of pellets per year;
Auxiliary shops providing core operations.
The plant has its own medical service as well as well-developed social sphere.
Load control system and GPS navigation for road and rail transport are being usefully implemented at the enterprise's open pits.

The enterprise's products combine are of the highest level of quality among domestic enterprises and is highly regarded in Ukraine and abroad. The consumers of the North Mining and Concentration Complex are iron and steel enterprises not only in Ukraine, but also in Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Romania and China. At the same time, the priority of the sales policy of the North Mining and Concentration Complex is meeting the requirements of the domestic market. The North Mining and Concentration Complex of the Metinvest Group is a socio-directed enterprise that implements infrastructure projects for improving Kryvyi Rih living conditions, supports the city residents'social initiatives.

Address: Kryvyi Rih, Ternivskyi District.