Ingulets Mining and Concentration Complex focuses on mining and processing of lean ferruginous quartzites. The construction of the complex started on 9th of February in 1961. The enterprise was established in April, 1965.
Since 2006 the enterprise has been a part of Iron Ore Division of Metinvest and is considered to be one of the most successful enterprise of mining and smelting sector of Ukraine.

The enterprise was built on a base of ferruginous quartzites deposits located in the southern part of Kryvyi Rih iron-ore basin and is presented by stratal deposits (capacity: 100-1000 m; 2,5 km long; 1,2 km wide).

The geological structure of the deposits lved Krivoy Rog series rocks (granites and ferruginous quartzites), overlain by sedimentary rocks - clay, sand, limestone Cenozoic.

The geological structure of the deposits includes Kryvyi Rih resources (granites, ferruginous quartzites) covered with sedimentary resources - clays, sand, limestone Cainozoe. Ingulets ore deposits are about 1,6 billion tons at average Fe content of 32,4 %. Development of the bed is conducted by open-pit method. Surface stripping is performed by means of fixed internal inclines. They use transport mining method with removal of gangue into external dumps.


Average capacity of Ingulets Mining and Concentration Complex is 30,7 million tons per year. Basic method of ore concentration is magnetic in a low field. Technological scheme of ore-processing plants №1, 2 consists of 4 ore breaking stages, 3 grinding stages and 4-5 magnet separation stages.


Complete circle of ore processing at the enterprise provides concentrate output of 63,8-63,9 % Fe weight part. The ores are refractory. To make the concentrate of high quality standards the first series of flotation of magnetite thermo product was put into operation. Average annual capacity of the enterprise is 12,4 mln tones of concentrate. There are breakers at the enterprise as well as mills, tramp-iron magnetic separators, vacuum clarifiers.

PJSC Ingulets Mining and Concentration Complex is a complicated industrial enterprise comprising 17 structural subdivisions (as shops) as well as 7 central departments:

Open pit with output capacity from rock mass of 70 mln tones per year. Developes the Ingulets deposits of ferruginous quartzites.
Utility vehicles shop – transportation capacity is 60 mln tones per year. Transports ore masses.
Railway department provides shipment of opening deposits from open pit horizon as well as salable production. Provides rail transportation within the open pit, transports opening deposits and salable production.
Crushing plant of processing output of 36 mln tons of ore per year. Crushes and grinds iron ore to make it of the proper size.

Two concentration plants of productive capacity more than 14,5 mln tones of 63,7% and 67 % Fe concentrate per year. Provides production and shipment of salable concentration to a consumer.


Magnetic and flotation concentration shop – production of 67,0% Fe concentrate. Iron-ore concentration.

Additional complex:

• Shop of technical water supply and slime facilities department. Receives, transports and warehouses the tailings of processing plants and provides water for their concentration.

• Motor-road transport department. Carries out transportation of workers and commodities and materials, supply of drinkable and technical water, food

• Central complex laboratory. Ore concentration and environmental conditions control, support of employability as well as electro technical and weight measuring equipment, deals with quality control of commodities and materials.

• Quality control department. Priorities: – control of shipping concentrate quality, providing of production quality certification.

• Technological scheduling department. Provides stable and high-qualitative communication.

• Electrical substations and networks department. Electrical power supply of the enterprise, all kinds of reparation and department's electrical equipment service, production capacity utilization and true audit of received and supplied electricity.

• Automation of technological processes Department. Installation, service and prophylaxis and reparation of hardware-software complex as well as system units of automation of technological processes.

• Preproduction department. Shipment, storage, warehouse accounting and keeping of commodities and materials, provides the enterprise departments with equipment, materials, spare parts.

• Specialized search-and-rescue service. 24/7 duty, rescue of people and direct elimination of the accident in case of the emergency call.

• Security management. Provides security of property and material assets of the enterprise, timely revelation and removal of threats to personnel as well as financial and material resources of the complex; accomplishes inspections, audits, inventories, analysis of financial and business departments.
The main customers are: steel plants in Ukraine, China, Hungary, the Czech Republic.

Address: Krivoy Rog, Rudna St.47

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