Anatolii Anatolich

4Anatolii Anatolich (real name Anatolii Yatsechko, was born on September 26th, in 1984, in Kryvyi Rih) is the leading live broadcaster of the longest morning show on Ukrainian TV «Breakfast with 1 +1». Constant changeover of the red room of the vocal show «Voice of the Country» on the TV channel «1 + 1», a showman, radio conductor, journalist. The author and performer of the solo project «Rules of Grammar». The best player of the intellectual game «What? Where? When? ».

Inna Kapinos


Inna Kapinos is a Soviet and Ukrainian actress of the theatre and cinema, the Honored Artist of Ukraine (2000), a member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine.

From 1985 year to nowadays – an actress of the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater in Kyiv. She teaches acting skills at the Kyiv National I.K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, leading many significant events in the life of Kyiv (opening of the first Kyiv International Film Festival, etc.). She is engaged in voice announcement of commercials and foreign films.

Oleksandr Vilkul


Vilkul Oleksandr is the Ukrainian politician, the head of the Foundation «Ukrainian Perspectives». He was born on May 24th, in 1974 in Kryvyi Rih.

Over 5 years period, he was in the top 10 of Ukrainian Top Managers according to ratings of «TOP100. Best Top Managers of Ukraine» (InvestGazeta) and «Guards of Managers» (Galitskie Kontrakty).

From 2006 he was elected as MP of the 5th convocation. In July 2006 he was elected as Vice Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of Industrial and Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship.

On March 18th, in 2010 Vilkul was appointed Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

From November 2010 Vilkul is a Deputy of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council. He was elected by majority voted system and got 83,17% votes of electors.

From December 24th, in 2012 to February 27th, in 2014 – He was appointed as a Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Oleksandr Vilkul – son of a miner in fourth generation. His grand-grandfather Borovskiy Oleksandr Vasyliovych (was born on October 10th, in 1896, in Kryvyi Rih – died on September 17th, in 1972). Civil War Participant, honorary citizen of Kryvyi Rih, was a member of the leadership of the Dzerzhynskyi Mining Department, was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Sisters Bondarenko


The world-famous sisters Bondarenko lived in the house № 36 of the Tinka street, holding rackets in their hands and not leaving a dream about great sports.

On January 25th, in 2008, Aliona and Kateryna Bondarenko won the Australian Open Tennis Championship in doubles. In the final they won the duet of Belarusian tennis playerVictoria Azarenko and Israeli tennis player Shahar Peier.

Varvara Akulova


She was born on January 11th, in 1992 in Kryvyi Rih. She is engaged in weightlifting and circus acrobatics from two weeks in a special, scientifically developed by her father, Yurii Akulov, method. She is called «The Strongest Girl in the World».

At first Varvara came to powerlifting in 4 years, showing a result of 92.5 kilograms. The last result in powerlifting is 270 kilograms.

Her most impressive show was to raise the position in the kneeling position of a 10-man platform with a total weight of 700 kilograms.

Now Varia is a participant of the Ukrainian Guinness shows, conducted by the Olympic champion Lilia Podkopaieva.

Achievements of Varvara are recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Volodymyr Zelenskyi


Volodymyr Zelenskyi was born in Kryvyi Rih. He received a law degree in Vadym Hetman Kryvyi Rih Institute of Economics of the Kyiv National Economic University. He never worked in the specialty, he worked only two months of a practice.

When he was a student, he was fond of KVN and created a theater of miniatures «Bespryzornyk». At the same time Volodymyr Zelenskyi was invited to the legendary Kryvyi Rih team of KVN «Zaporizhzhia-Kryvyi Rih-Transit». Soon Zelenskyi began not only to dance in the team, but also to perform roles. At the same time with Volodymyr came to the team the future actors of «Studios 95-Kvartal»: Denys Manzhosov, Yurii Krapov, Oleksandr Pikalov. In 1997, they separated from Transit and created the team «95 kvartal»is one of the brightest in the history of KVN. Volodymyr Zelenskyi became not only a captain and an actor of this team, but the author of many jokes.


«95 kvartal» (the team of KVN)


In 1997, in Kryvyi Rih was appeared the KVN team «95 kvartal». Many of the participants, who made up the main part, started in the team of KVN «Zaporizhzhia - Kryvyi Rih – Transit». The official debut of «95 kvartal» was held in 1998 on the KVN team festival in Sochi. After a successful debut, Oleksandr Masliakov drew attention to them, suggesting to perform in the High League. At that time, the team was announced as «KVN team from Kryvyi Rih», but for the performances at the High League it was decided to come up with a more recognizable name for the team. It was then that for the first time the name «95 kvartal» appeared in honor of one of the districts in Kryvyi Rih.

That was the start of the way to the success of the team, which is known by everybody in Ukraine.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes


The Ukrainian music group, was founded at the beginning of 2010 in Kryvyi Rih. The creation of the band was preceded by acquaintance of the vocalist and songwriter Andrii Kovaliov with the drummer Roman Sobol. They perform music in the indie pop and alternative genre. The group conducts active concert activities and works on the studio recordings. Boys became known in September 2014, due to a music video to their song «Knock Knock», which collected over 5 million YouTube views in the 10 days after its release. In early 2015, the band developed their debut album «Bittersweet», as well as the eponymous clip, made in partnership with the German automobile manufacturer «Opel».

Brunettes shoot blondes currently has no contract with any record labels, instead promoting the band independently.

Mykola Makovei


Mykola Makovei is the Honored Polar explorer of Ukraine, honorary citizen of the city, participant of 15 expeditions to Antarctica.

Olha Horbachova


Olha Horbachova is the Ukrainian singer, soloist of the group «Arctica», TV presenter.

She was born in Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region. Graduated from Kyiv Linguistic University. She was a leading and program director on the Biz-TV music channel, TV channel «Inter».

Since 2007 year she is a soloist of the music group «Arctica».

Vadym Hurov


Vadym Hurov (February 22 th, in 1937, in Kryvyi Rih - December 16th, in 2015, in Kryvyi Rih) - Ukrainian politician, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the II-IV convocations, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Basic Industries and Socio-Economic Development of the Regions. Candidate of Sciences, Honored Metallurgist of Ukraine.

During the 1959-1994 years he worked at the Kryvorizhstal Combine. He began the laboring path of a handyman of the steelmaker of the open-hearth department, then he became the head of this department. Managed simultaneously by two departments - open-hearth and converter number 1.

Head of the ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih PJSC office in Kyiv.


• breastplate «For the Merit to the City» of the 1st degree (Kryvyi Rih);

• Honored metallurgist of Ukraine;

• Honored citizen of Kryvyi Rih (28.02.2007);

Volodymyr Malakhov


An outstanding ballet actor, choreographer, worked in the leading theaters of the world:

Since 1992 - soloist of the Vienna State Opera;

Since 1994 - soloist of the National Ballet of Canada;

Since 1996 - a soloist of the American Theater of Ballet (ABT).

In 2002, he was named the best dancer of the year, and the Japanese Journal «Dance Magazine» called him «the best dancer of the world» for more than twenty years.

Volodymyr Malakhov is an honorary citizen of Kyiv, the honorary professor of the Ukrainian Academy of Ballet.

From 2004 to 2014 years, he served as director and lead soloist at the Berlin State Opera. In February 2013, he was awarded the medal of O.S. Pushkin, and in the summer of that year he was elected the honorary professor at the Beijing Academy of Ballet.

Yevhen Khitrov


Yevhen Khitrov (was born on August 18th, in 1988) is the Ukrainian professional boxer, stands in the middle and second middle weights. Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, Khytrov won the gold medal at Middleweight division at the 2011 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Baku.

Eugene received the main success at the amateur ring in 2011 when he won the World Cup. In the semifinal Khitrov won the Romanian boxer Bohdan Juratoni, and in the final he beat Japanese boxer Ryota Murata.

At the 2012 Olympic Games he lost to the local boxer Briton Anthony Ogogue. The score was 18:18, and Khitrov twice sent Ogogo to a knockdown, but when was the counting of bumps and fouls, the victory was awarded to Briton.