Kaverina Hanna


She graduated from the Donetsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, specialty is «Heat and gas supply, heating and ventilation». She worked inthe construction companies in Donetsk. Since 2014 Anna lives in Kryvyi Rih. In 2015 she graduated from the courses of guides at the Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University.

Hrysenko Viktoriia


She graduated from the Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical Institute in 1988. Victoria is a teacher of Geography and Biology. Since 1993 she has been working as a teacher of geography at the secondary school № 75. Hrysenko Viktoriia has a higher category and a title «Teacher-Methodist». Together with the students, she explores the nature of Kryvyi Rih and Ukraine. Organizes excursions for students in different parts of our Motherland. She graduated from courses of guides at the Kryvyi Rih Pedagogical Institute.

Developed excursions: «At the visit to the goddess Flora», «Kryvyi Rih – Mining», «Water objects of Kryvyi Rih» for students of 8-9 classes. At this time, she develops routes of Kryvyi Rih and thinks about their adaptation to Geography and Science education in the secondary school.

Maksymenko Nataliia


The Director of the Geological and Mineralogical Museum of the «KRNU» (National Heritage of Ukraine).

She is an Engineer. Nataliia conducts practical classes of the discipline «Methods of searching and exploration of minerals». In the process of her work were developed 2 methodological directions and were published 6 articles (from 2000 to 2005 years).

Dubov Denis


He graduated from the Kryvyi Rih National University of Metallurgical Institute in 2014. He is an engineer of specializing automated control of technological processes. At this moment he works at PJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih». Excursion activity started in Kryvyi Rihfrom 2014 year.

He developed several cycling industrial excursions, such as «Landscapesof Mars», «Kryvyi Rih Exclusion Zone», «Secrets of the Underground and the Iron Sea». Denistook a place in the organization of bicycle excursions «Kryvyi Rih clondike», «In captivity of iron stone», «Gigants of the Gleievatskyi steppe». He wants to develop the following bicycle excursions – «Mining Industry», «Steppe contrasts» and others.

Naidenko Ivan


He is a journalist, founder and head of travel agency «Kryvorizkyi merydian». Experience in the field of excursion service is 14 years. Ivan Naidenko developed and implemented some excursions: «Chigirinshchina is the land of heroes», «Dnipropetrovsk yesterday and tomorrow», «Legendary Khortytsia», «Steppe Carpathians», «Prydniprovskyi mountains», «In the expanses of Tavria», «The secrets of the land of Kryvyi Rih» , «The glorious names», «Steppe miracle», «Yelysavethrad cultural and spiritual», «Kryvyi Rih - the land of the Cossack», «The underground treasures of Kryvbas», «The unique Pryinhulskyi steppe», «Valiant Poltava», «Green Kryvyi Rih». Ivan Naidenko works on the development of several excursion routes – «Granite and Steppe of Pobuzhzhia», «Myths and Realities of the Zhovta River», «Mysterious Podillia».

Kylymchuk Anton


He graduated in 2010 from the Department of Geography of Kryvyi Rih Pedagogical University. He is master of Geography. Kylymchuk Anton is a teacher of Geography, the organizer of regional studies and tourist work. In 2013 Anton graduated from the postgraduate study at the Department of Geography at the Vinnytsia Pedagogical University. Investigates anthropogenic heritage, nature and history of Kryvyi Rih. Now he is the head of the sports and tourist department of the Ternivskyi Center for Tourism, Local History and Excursions of the Student Youth «Meridian». Has experience in the field of excursion service - 4 years.

He conducted typical excursions to the valley of the Kanaka River with start in the village Rybachie and the finish in the village Malorichenske (Southern Coast of Crimea). Sightseeing tours of the city Kryvyi Rih. He is the developer of many excursion routes in the city Kryvyi Rih and its environs: «Nadra of Kryvbas in the economy and landscape», «Museum of opencast mining», «Man-made reservoirs of Kryvbas», «Corner of Crimea in Kryvbas»; «River Bokovenka: from Mr. Christophor to White Koshars»; «Visit to Pavel Hlazovyi», «Unflavoured steppes of the Beam Zelena», «Canyons of the Trykratskyi granite massif», «Grand works of water and stone: the Mihiiskyi canyon», «On the border of Prydniprovia with Prychernomoria: «Tokivskyi Canyon» (pedestrian; bus and pedestrian excursions); «Pryingulshchyna in the sight of nature and culture», «By Bokovenka to Davydov's Park» (bicycleexcursion); «Underwater World of Quarries» (diving tour).

In the development are routes of excursions «Crystals and grenades of Kryvbas» (geo-tour), « Flop zones of Kryvbas» (pedestrian excursion, with elements of extreme), «Firth» of Kryvyi Rih» (bicycle excursion) etc.

Dvorchuk Eduard


He graduated from the Faculty of Geography, Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University in 2012. He is the teacher of Geography and bases of Economy, the organizer of regional studies and tourism work. Now Eduard is studying at the postgraduate study at the Department of Geography in the Vinnytsia Pedagogical University. He investigates anthropogenic heritage, nature and history of Kryvyi Rih. He is a guide since 2013.

One of the co-authors of the route for a sightseeing tour in the city Kryvyi Rih – «Kryvyi Rih - the city of ore and metal». Dvorchuk Eduard developed and introduced a lot of interesting excursions: «Klondike of Kryvyi Rih», «In the Captivity of Iron Stone», «Shards of the Old Luxury», «Gigants of the Gleiuvatskyi Steppe». He thinks about the development of new bicycle tours and excursions.

Kozlov Hlib


In 2013 year, he graduated from the Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University. He is a philologist (English language and literature). He worked as a teacher of English, but before that, he was a heaver of iron ore concentrate at the CIOEW. Today Hlib is a private entrepreneur. In the excursion activities since 2014. Conducts excursions in English and German. He is receiving a second higher education in the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, specialty of tourism.

Hlib Kozlov developed and implemented a lot of excursions: «In the valley of colorful hills», «On the edge of Kryvyi Rih Abyss», «Walking on Mars», «On the bank of the mountain river», «On the paths of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi», «Gift from the space», «Excursion to the PJSC «Southern Mining Factory», «The Mysteries of the Technogenic Canyon», «City on the Palm», «Splashes of the Bakhchysavorskyi Fountain», «A Piece of Crimea in Kryvyi Rih», «Excursion to the places, where was made the film «Chervonyi». The development of several excursion routes along Kryvyi Rih.

Kazakov Volodymyr


Graduated from the Faculty of Geography of the Kryvyi Rih Pedagogical Institute in 1993. He specializes in Geography and Biology. He studied at the graduate school of Simferopol State University. He is the Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor. Since 2003, he is the head of the Department of Physical Geography, Local History and Tourism of the Kryvyi Rih National University. In the excursionactivity is since 1991. Volodymyr Kazakov started his excursions in the karst caves of the Crimea Mountains - the Marble and Tiger Walking of the mountain Chatyrdah. He is a researcher of the industrial heritage, nature and history of Kryvyi Rih. The author of more than 150 scientific publications. The organizer and the head of courses of guides at Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University.

The developer of many excursion routes, such as «Kryvy Rih - the city of ore and metal», «Industrial Pearl of Ukraine», «The Northern Glow of Kryviy Rih», «Hospitable Central Mining Enrichment Plant», «To the Prospect of the PJSC «South Mining Factory», «Through of the prism of the railway», «Kryvyi Rih - Miner's», «In the Darkness of the Dungeons of the Starodobrovolskyi Mine» and others.

At the moment, Volodymyr Kazakov develops some new excursion routes: «To the Aktovskyi Canyon», «On Visits to Vorontsov and Falts-Feins», «Uranium Kryvbas», «Waves of Kresivskyi Reservoir», «Streets of the Petrivskyi District of Kirovohrad Region», «To the Virgin Steppe of the Kobylna Beam», «At a visit to the mine of O.M. Pol», «Kryvyi Rih – Criminal», «Kryvyi Rih – artistic», «Kryvyi Rih – architectural» and many others.