The mine of "Guido" was founded in 1856 by a count by Guido Khentskl von Donnersmark. In 1928 an enterprise started to work as an experience mine of M - 300, and in 1982 it was open the museum-reserve which track was going through working outs and corridors of cave a few hundred meters.

The tourists are faces with interesting objects near the mine - typical booking-office of the mine, where one can buy a ticket to all tastes of tourists. The cost of excursion depends on complication, duration and length and hesitates from 50 to 90 hryvnyas. Still above ground, at the former buildings of the mine the tourists get a helmet, visit stalls, where different mine souvenirs are for sale, one can see the layouts of the real working aggregates, visit a surface cafe, become familiar with the real mountain mechanisms exhibited in the yard of the mine. The first object striking the eyes is a headframe built in 1931. Now it is made of steel, and up to 1888 it was made of wood.

Visitors of Guido are lowered on a depth of 320 meters. Sightseers go down under the ground at a speed of 4 m/s. A booth is fastened on steel ropes 980 m long. A cage is 3-storeyed. Max capacity is 24 persons. Lowering speed is not so fast as one in operating mines, but nevertheless a lowering is going enough quickly and in a rather interesting way that provides the unforgettable impressions while lowering in the bowels of Earth.


Under the ground the tourists are met by real Shlensky Gurnik (Shlensky Miner) - a tour guide leading the visitors through the galleries during 3 hours; at some places the visitors have to go on hand and knees. Barrel of the mine (crossing, diameter of 4 m) is equipped with an exhaust machine device made in Berlin in 1927 and transports tourists at the level of 170 and 320 m under the ground.

During an excursion the tourists can see a part of underground horizons - galleries, where some benches are set for the tourists to have some rest. A breathtaking place is a view of coalface, where anthracite coal was extracted. The tourists are poured in the atmosphere of the past years by various mountain aggregates - conveyers, trolleys, instruments of hand labour, boring options, electric locomotives, compressors, car with liquid nitrogen and many other objects exsibited everywhere. Waxworks of men-miners dirty with coal dust are set under the ground for the tourists to feel themselves as real miners. Sometimes during the excursion route one has to get down and to be careful not to strike one's head. Shortly, the elements of extreme were at many points of the mine. The tourists got especially bright impressions after rolling in the specially equipped trolleys which once transported miners under the ground.

At a depth of 170 meters there is a working dining-room which nowadays is functioning as a banquet hall, where wedding, concerts, business meeting are held. Sometimes the contests – 1000 meters dashes are held in wide underground galleries.

All the mine is transferred into the real museum in the open air - scansen!
The excursion lasted one hour. The excursion ended at a banquet hall. The return of tourists from a depth of 170 m took place at the same interesting way.