This city has pioneered the development of industrial tourism in our country. Mine working system of over 200 km length and of 30 meters high (in some parts) has been created here due to salt extraction over a century period. The excursion starts with a brief talk on the issues of safety measures. The route consists of approximately 700 m, including the way back to the mine shaft. Descending into the mine is realized by means of the cage (lift) to a depth of 300 m. The excursion time is up to one and a half or two hours. The whole excursion is conducted in worked out mines №1 and №3, and chamber №41 bis, which are located within the Pidbryantsivskyi layer. Almost all tour runs along the bottom of an ancient sea. During the tour, tourists visit the salt football field, underground labyrinths, concert hall, an underground gallery, salt boxes, see the original shapes made of salt.

There is a church in one of the worked out salt galleries of the city. In December 2003, the chamber 41 bis broke a record listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the first underground "Hopper" ballooning. In October 2004 there was a concert of Donbass Symphony Orchestra "Salt Symphony" under the direction of Austrian conductor Kurt Schmid with a participation of Victoria Lukyanets, soloist of the Vienna State Opera.