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Lviv Brewery is the oldest in Ukraine brewing enterprise. Its history dates back to 1715, when the Jesuit monks built in Klepariv area the first brewing enterprise. Lviv beer brands Bawar, Porter Imperial, Exportowe were well known far beyond the city. In the middle of XIX century Lviv Brewery was one of the three tip breweries of Austro-Hungarian Empire and became the largest brewery enterprise in the region.

Today "Lviv Brewery" is a modern enterprise with the latest production technologies; it has won a great number of prizes at national and international wine-tasting competitions.

In October 14, 2005 on the occasion of the 290th anniversary of the Lviv Brewery foundation the first in Ukraine Brewery Museum was opened in Lviv; its area is over 500 square meters and located in the building of the nineteenth century. The museum invites you to make journey to the history of beer making, not only in our country but around the world, ranging from ancient times to the present.

The museum comprises an exclusive collection of various exhibits, including old beer bottles embossed with brands; antique beer mugs coming from different countries in Europe and made in different styles; barrels for beer transportation, promotional materials, recipe books of the late nineteenth century; the legendary traditions of brewing in Lviv are exposed in great details.

The museum visitors are provided with an opportunity to watch a film about the oldest brewery in Ukraine, visit the tasting room that will please all lovers of beer by an assortment of Lviv beer.